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A cookie is a small text file which the website you visit request to save on your computer. We use both session cookies (which runs out when you shut down your web browser) and more permanent cookies (which remain on your device for a certain amount of time or until you remove them). Please choose which types of cookie you want to allow on this website.

Operational necessary

These cookies are necessary for us to administrate the website. For instance, they keep track of whether or not you are a regular visitor or signed on as an administrator.

Performance and analysis

We use these cookies to analyse how our website is reached, used or perform. We use this information to maintain, run and continuously improve our website. We can also retrieve information from our newsletters via email, including whether you have opened or clicked on any of its content. This information lets us know how effective our newsletters are and helps us deliver content and information that you would find interesti

Third party

We allow our business partners the usage of cookies on or outside our website for the same purposes as mentioned above, including gathering information about your online activities over time and between various webpages.

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